Don’t Call Me a Conspiracy Theorist!


Besides, I rather be called a Critical Theorist.

I prefer to be called a Critical Theorist for two reasons: (1) The act of activating ‘outside-the-box-thinking’ and trying to connect events thru an analysis of cause and effect and benefits IS AN ACT OF CRITICAL THINKING! However, there are many people who do try to ‘connect-dots’ after conducting some research, and end up forming in-conclusive conclusions. Hence reason (2) The connotations of being called a Conspiracy Theorist is to be parallel to being crazy, over-reacting, and over imaginative… it becomes dismissive. To be dismissive of someone, no matter how “out-there” their views may be, is not a good thing; in fact their view should be analyzed and concluded to be wrong, right, or shades or truthfulness.

You may be asking, Francis… so what you’re saying is you’re a Conspira ***cough Critical Theorist. Well, yes. I am. As I mentioned in the beginning, I think the act of being a Critical Theorist is an exercise of critical thinking, to getting to the truest form of “CREATING” from Bloom’s Taxonomy. 



For me, the value of learning and anticipating from history, is to REMEMBER what has happened, UNDERSTAND why and how it happened, APPLYING it to current events, ANALYZING and EVALUATING the benefits of the actions, and CREATING a scenario for future actions.

To simplify matters, I don’t really care ‘how’ JFK was killed, I am more interested in the cause of the assassination and it’s effects; who benefitted? I don’t agonize over ‘how’ 9-11 occurred, I am more interested in it’s effects and what has happened from that historical painful event. When you begin to analyze history thru this critical len’s you begin to understand where the ‘traditional’ conspiracy theorists are coming from.

Whether the NSA is monitoring this blog or not, I am fueled to be a Critical Theorist because of one fact: It is human nature to capitalize and get the most out of a situation.

Think about it, don’t you try to get the most out of any situation you are in? Don’t you stretch your dollars? Don’t you constantly aim to “kill two birds with one stone?” Would it be hard to think America doesn’t do the same?

FACT: There was not weapons of mass destruction (WMD) or a clear contextual connection between 9-11 and Iraq. BUUUUUT we went, saw, won! ‘Murica! We also had a contradictorily named Patriot Act passed (which makes citizens complain about one of the truest 1st world problems, flying, yet it goes beyond that as Snowden and the NSA have shown us.


THOUGHT: Was the Boston Marathon Bombing ‘Lock-Down’ necessary or an exercise of power to test Martial Law? I don’t have a conclusion, nor advocate it was a test, but  it is quite odd that this precedent was set in this manner. The DC snipers killed 10 people and wounded 3 in less than 3 weeks in Maryland, Virginia, and the DC area while the victims were pumping gas, waiting at crosswalks, crossing an elementary school parking lot, exiting a restaurant, entering a fastfood joint, mowing a lawn, parking a car, you know just everyday activities… where was THAT multiple-city shut-down? The interesting part is, in the neighborhoods of Dorchester and Mattapan in Boston, people were still walking around (because the sad truth is, guns are a constant problem). Think about it… It was called the DC Sniper Case, it went on for three weeks, it terrorized multiple neighborhoods, not one day of school was missed! In fact, an FBI Analyst was killed during this episode. When the authorities got tipped-off about the sniper, they took a small SWAT team and practically stomped-out the culprits from their blue car… So you mean to tell me… You have one man cornered in a Watertown and you close down Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, and Watertown for a manhunt with a large take-over-a-small-country-by-foot force? Keep in mind, the DC episode was after 9-11.

THIS IS WHY I AM A CRITICAL THEORISTS! Investigating these type of events and piecing cause, effect, and benefits together are fascinating. Now, I am not crazy about THE GOVERNMENT DID IT arguments. I don’t necessarily entertain those too seriously, I am simply intrigued by the process of understanding what has happened and what could happen next.



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