Credit Appreciation

One of the hardest things to deal with professionally, is feeling that your work and worth is not being recognized by your supervisors and/or the ‘higher-up’s’ at your workplace. Over the last few weeks I’ve been feeling as if my work and worth was unrecognized and unappreciated. So I was upset, surly, and slightly resentful of working at a school where student issues that may impede learning was understood, but issues a teacher may face that impedes their teaching were over-look.unappreciated

During a moment of being surly and texting a few of my co-workers, one colleague bestowed some wisdom and appreciation that made me reflect on the why and how I was feeling. Through my reflection I realized that I was looking for something from someone who could not give me what I wanted. I wanted my supervisors and Principal to recognize my achievement of making-it through this past school year given the context of my personal dilemmas (See my blog entries “Three States of a Personal Matter” and “My Five Stages of a New Single Guardianshiphood“). However, I could not expect the ‘depth’ of appreciation that I wanted from them if they did not have the context of how challenging this year was for me. Furthermore, I was getting appreciation and love from the people who, not only matter to me the most, but also knew what was happening in my life. Perhaps I was being unappreciative of the appreciation I was getting?


Teaching can be a thankless job. A job in which you will give more checks, then you’ll ever receive. A job in which you will make non-believers believe in themselves. A job in which discounts a few and are skewed towards purchases only for the classroom (Aside from Chipotle’s free burrito or BOGO deal during ‘Teacher Appreciation Week’). While I has shown appreciation to my colleagues and vice versa from time-to-time, it different to get that appreciation from people outside of the school building. So after having the school year that I did, I desired more displays of appreciation to match the grit, perseverance, hope, and consistency that I gave.

Could you blame me? I do think so. Could you expect better from me? I would hope so. While my sister has poor communication skills of her appreciation, so many close friends, few family members, and my girlfriend have given me so much support, love, and appreciation. In fact, YOU have too! Just by reading my blog YOU have supported me and helped me feel validated in my feelings. YOU have let me know that I am not alone and typing to no-one. Only YOU can prevent forest fires!

Sorry about that terrible joke.

On this 4th of July Weekend, I have a lot to be thankful for and a lot to keep myself growing. I can thank YOU for that; the collective YOU of readers, bloggers, close friends, family, and my Love. So please enjoy this 4th safely and reflect of all that has been done to get you to where you are now. Not just the American Revolution, but your family’s revolution, your personal revolution, the events that make it possible for us to stand where we currently are. America has a long road to travel on, and I just want to thank you as I too participate in being the change we want to see in this world.



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